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As Imagine Craft nears our two year anniversary we have much to be thankful for and have much to celebrate. 
The old saying;  "It is all about the Journey and not the Destination" is certainly relevant for us!  Our journey has come with many highlights from forging strong partnerships, participating in global toy fairs , undertaking exciting research and development to delivering our App Smart craft in an interactive
workshop format.  
Along the way we have been grateful to learn that individual wellness is an essential ingrediant to not only the entrepreneurs journey but to every single person no matter their age, gender, nationaility or profession.
As we continue on our journey to a destination 'unknown' we aspire to offer opportunities to children and adults that bring balance to their play and balance to their lives. 
We believe that traditional crafting with a modern twist is a perfect resource for bringing balance to play for children. Our APP SMART FRIDGE MAGNET KITS have been created with this in mind and we are delighted to be adding new designs to our range in early September.
Imagine Craft is proud to partner with LEARNING ESSENCE to bring you beautifully created resources that will assist you on your individual journey towards balance to life. We highly recommend you get started with the INSPIRATION DECK which focusses on INSPIRATION, DISCIPLINE and AWARENESS.   


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