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India - Here She Comes!

Posted by Anuya Tiwari on

In less than a month from now we are expecting Imagine Craft's Founder, Tracy Miles (or as my 3yr old calls her "Mumma's Office Tracy") in India (so slight panic for me!).  Whilst I prepare the itinerary for her visit I would like to share with all of you; our fans, followers, loved ones and stakeholders a sneak peak of what is in store for the trip. 
Being the super busy entrepreneur that she is; Tracy is visiting for just 21 days and she doesnt have the regular "To Do List" she has a "Must Do List" and it's a mile long! There are a million meetings to attend, one massive event and a long lunch to celebrate our App launch.
So while our marketing guy goes crazy going through the long list of Indian contacts to set up meetings, Tracy and I are busily making plans to attend our favorite annual event; the Kids India Toy Fair ( We will be at Toy Fair  to meet and collaborate with distributors and manufacturers, as well as to attend presentations from various industry speakers. We have already prepared a short list of the top exhibitors to ensure we get to them first.  This three day event is sure to be the highlight of Tracy's visit ( well except for when I treat her to a few of my specialty gourmet recipes! 😉 ) as we expect to finally get our coveted kits in the hands of Indian kids.
While in Pune, Tracy will have her time divided between our App Development team (, Packaging Design team(,  Kashmira her beloved Business and Leadership Coach ( and of course the reason she first found herself in Pune over 21 years ago -  her Girl Guide and Girl Scout friends at the Sangam World Centre (
Among lunch and techy discussions with the App team, the topic mostly on the table will be our Phase II products. The 3D felt range of DIY craft kits that we plan to launch in early 2017 are well and truly in the brainstorming phase, however they need some fine-tuning to integrate them with the Create Smart Craft App. We also plan to investigate the introduction of 3D animations and create some story concepts and who knows we might even finalize some!
As our range increases and our introduction into new markets expands we face the challenge of new packaging styles and designs that meet various needs. This will require some lengthy sessions with Pivotal's creative minds! And to get the creative juices flowing, what couldn't be better than a fresh juice and some yummy food at the much loved One-O-Eight Cafe - thankfully it is only around the corner from the Pivotal office. 
Kashmira has some real inspiration time planned for her both indoors and outdoors; with strategy sessions, wellness mapping, business planning and plenty of imagining!   
Still with this hectic schedule we have ensured there are blank spaces on the calendar to spend time with her special Sangam friends whom she adores and misses when she is home in Australia. 
All in all it seems like a hell packed trip with lots to do and so little time (the panic is real now!) 
I will keep you up to date as we are in the midst of the chaos ( I mean itinerary).  
Imagineer & Queen of Awesomeness 

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