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Sometimes the OBVIOUS is not always the OBVIOUS!

Posted by Tracy Miles on

Recently I unexpectantly learnt a valuable lesson on whom I should consider my most important sales people!

My 4.5yr old great nephew came to my home for a mini holiday, he walked through the door and immediately spotted one of my App Smart Fridge Magnet Kits on the coffee table. Now of course he has been my test guinea pig previously and the entire collection adorn his fridge at home.

Still,  he was keen to make the one he spotted, he plonked himself down, opened the packet, and started putting it together ....but as suddenly as he had started he stopped and announced to everyone; "but wait when I've finished I need a phone to see the magic on the screen!" That made me one happy entrepreneur he had remembered they were more than just a craft activity they were App Smart too! Naturally we went through the entire process and he placed it on my fridge. ( oops surprisingly it is the only one on my fridge!)

Today we managed a full day of activity at a local indoor trampoline and climbing gym centre followed by a walk to see the ducks and a couple of hours at the park. This was my plan to exhaust the little guy....I'm not sure I succeeded, but I was sure exhausted chasing after him.

Once back at home, my friend arrived and she wasn’t there more than five minutes when my nephew  raced to the fridge (he doesn't do anything slowly), grabbed his Fish Fridge Magnet and he showed it off proudly. My friend had no time at all before he had her hand dragging her to my phone to show her that the fridge magnet would trigger magic on the screen if we scanned it with the phone camera.

It was at that moment that I realised two things... firstly despite only just having entered the product selling phase (I'm still seeking distributors and retailers) I had in fact already kicked one of my business goals "To boost children's self-esteem and self-pride." My nephew perfectly demonstrated pride in the Fridge Magnet he had made and pride that his creation could make magic on the phone screen. Sometimes important results are achieved even before financial profits.

My second and most valuable learning was that the children, my littlest customers, the ones I made the "magic" for, are my  very best sales people.  Sometimes the OBVIOUS is not always the OBVIOUS.


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